Modern plate – Temporary parking and forklift road installation

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December 24, 2019

Long-term business partners wanted to avoid asphalting around their company’s building, but they needed to provide parking for clients and employees, as well as part of the way from the entrance to the warehouse.

BWC team proposed a solution: Installation of polyethylene plates that will become a temporary parking lot and a road for forklifts.

Buyer decided for simply reliefed, black polyethylene plates that blended perfectly with the color of the paved part of the yard.

The advantages of temporary roads and parking are in their easy assembly/disassembly, endurance of the plates and their excellent mechanical properties.

Plates are placed on geotextile so that there is no dirt on the underside with mud deposits, and the upper surface is easy to maintain – the relief surface prevents slipping, and pieces of mud do not stick to the surface of the plate.

These plates can be made in different colors and different dimensions. Their purpose can be for temporary sidewalks, roads for cars, working machines, and if necessary, we also produce plates that have a bearing capacity of 150 tons (for trucks and heavy construction machines – on construction sites where these machines have difficulty moving on mud).

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