1992. foundation of company. Core business was supplying of Serbian market with raw materials for chemical, rubber and plastic industry.

1995. our company started with production of medical disposables, as pioneer in our country, in conditions that fully complied to international standards in that field. Our refference list includes all major medical centres, like Clinical Center of Serbia and Military Medical Academy.

2001. started our long term successful cooperation wit HOERMANN, Europe’s leading provider of gates, doors, frames, operators both for domestic and industrial use. That cooperation continues today, as well, on mutaual interest and satisfaction. As a result of that partnership, many important and valued projects emerged like Post center in Zemun, DELHAIZE distribution center in Stara Pazova, PHILLIP MORIS factory in Nis, NELT distributive center in Dobanovci, NESTLE Surcin/Stara Pazova, MICHELIN Pirot…

2005. privatisation of the plant for production of PP and PE plates in Batote, Municipality of Brus. In factory was restarted production after a long time, with continuous investments in technical inovations and capacity increase. Today, we are proud that it is one of the main development generators in Brus. More than 90% of production we are exporting.

2007. started our engagement in field of ecology, in waste water treatment technology, production and projecting of waste water treatments plants and oil separators.That production is complementary to our PP and PE plates production. Our trusted partners are leading Chech companies in that field, TOPOLWATER and ECONA. Among our numerous refferences, there are CHINA ROAD AND BRIDGE CORPORATION ( Zemun – Borca bridge); ROAD UZICE, AKTOR A.T.E. branch Belgrade, Nikola Tesla Airport etc.

Since 2009. our company’s headquarters is situated in our Ugrinovci complex, very close to Highway E 70, Belgrade’s bypass and Nikola Tesla Airport. There are situated modern offices, production units and warehouses in wonderfull green environment.
BWC is today a modern company, proactive, highly addaptive to dynamic changes in business environment and always open towards new opportunities.